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2004 Chrysler Town & Country


Chrysler Town & Country

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  • Approaching the vehicle we noted body damage done to the right front corner and the drivers side mirror is broken. Left sliding door and rear hatch won't open automatically but do manually. Started the vehicle and noted the TPMS light is on – tire pressure is good but the tires are very old. Test drove without incident – vehicle drove well. Lights all working properly but the third brake light. Wipers are worn. Engine oil is fresh and air filter appears like new. Fluid levels full but transmission fluid is a bit dark. Battery is dated October '21 and tests good with 757 cold cranking amps but is a bit low on charge. Hoisted for inspection. Tires are dry rotted. Front brakes have 9mm remaining and rears 5mm. Suspension, steering, and exhaust appear intact. Noted transmission pan is leaking a bit of fluid and a very small seep at the steering rack. Only recommendation would be to service the transmission. .
PAUL M. gave our service a 5 star review on 1/25/2022
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