2012 RAM Pickup

  • 2012 RAM Pickup

    RAM Pickup
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    • Verified code. Cleared code and test drove while monitoring data. Code reset almost immediately and we noted a fluctuation in line pressure of +/- 20psi, should be 5psi. We unplugged the line pressure sensor and tested the wiring voltages. Is a 3 wire and should have 1.5volt reference, 5volt, and ground. We found a ground and 2 5volt wires. Disconnected the wiring harness from the PCM and tested continuity of the individual wires – are good. Tested output from the PCM for the reference wire – has 5volts. Recommend replacing the PCM before diagnosis continues. Ok'd to proceed. After repairs we test drove the vehicle twice for over 30 miles without incident – no codes set and the engine/transmission operates properly. .
    • Installed and programmed new PCM. .
    • Software Access Fee .
    DAVID C. gave our service a 5 star review on 9/8/2023


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