Automotive and Heavy Duty Repair and Maintenance Services
All of our service associates are fully trained technicians and ASE certified. To maintain our service department’s pre-eminence, we regularly update our equipment and techniques to remain current with technological advances. Our service department strives to provide each client with efficient and effective service.

Computerized Diagnostic Services
Got a Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light that’s illuminated? Ignoring the light could be a costly mistake. The light indicates that there is a malfunction in the vehicle’s operation, be it a computer or a mechanical issue. At minimum, it can lower gas mileage. On the other side, it can cause severe engine damage! Don’t let it go, come see us for a no charge computer scan (a $125.00 value). We can then advise you a proper course of action to avoid more serious repairs. It only takes 10-15 minutes in most cases. Just come by and we’ll fit you in! We offer full electrical and mechanical diagnostic services.

Heating and Cooling System Services

The engine’s heating and cooling system is comprised of many different components that all must work correctly for the system to cool the engine properly. Any one component that fails can affect the entire system, consequently causing an engine overheating condition. Cooling system failure is the number one reason for automotive breakdown on our nation's highways. Unlike a flat tire, you can't stop and put on a spare. A failure of the engine cooling system will mean a trip to the repair shop behind a tow truck, which is why it is important that you have periodic inspections and regular maintenance of the cooling system. We offer the largest selection of new radiators in Whatcom County.

The car air conditioning system works with the heating and ventilation system to provide the driver with cool, dry air for comfort. Modern technology requires that only certified individuals check out your AC system for the proper operation. Martin's Automotive can check your air conditioning system with properly trained mechanics and up-to-date tools. We will inspect for loose belts, leaks, AC operation, and if needed, recharge your system.

Transmission Services
When you experience a transmission problem, the first thing that comes to mind is cost. Everyone knows that transmissions are costly to rebuild or replace, but what you may not know is that a transmission issue might be relatively inexpensive to repair. Today’s cars and trucks have transmissions controlled by computers. An electronic malfunction may look and seem to be a transmission failure when in reality it is a failed sensor or other electronic component. We have some of the most highly trained technicians in the state, and along with our state of the art diagnostic equipment, we can pinpoint your transmission problem in no time.

Exhaust Services

Not only is Martin’s Automotive the number one location for exhaust work in Whatcom County, but Martin’s is expert on Custom and Performance systems as well! We offer FULL Exhaust Services! We can bend up to 3 inch pipe, and we can build 4 inch and 5 inch exhaust systems. We have custom systems for any performance application. Our diesel systems give better power, mileage and cooler exhaust. An optimized exhaust system can make all the difference in the world when it comes to pulling a heavy trailer. Let us give you a free quote on the exhaust system you want and need.

Suspension and Alignment Services

We will take a thorough look at your car’s suspension for worn or damaged parts, then give you an estimate at no charge.

● Is your car pulling to one side of the road or the other?

● Is it hard to keep in a straight line?

● Are you experiencing unusual tire wear?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you should bring your car to Martin’s Automotive for a no charge suspension check! We have the latest state of the art computerized wheel alignment system.

Braking System Services

Today, virtually all cars come with ABS as standard equipment or as an option. The typical ABS system includes wheel-speed sensors, a hydraulic control unit, and an electronic control unit. When turning the ignition switch to the on position, the amber BRAKE, ANTILOCK or ABS light on the instrument panel should glow momentarily, and then turn off. If the light stays on or flashes, or comes on while driving, it indicates a fault in the ABS system. Have your vehicle’s ABS system inspected immediately by one of our professionally trained technician to determine the source of the problem.